Worst mom in the world goes to….ME

I am a terrible mother….why, you wonder?  Because I have the NERVE to tell my child no – she can’t have a popsicle 10 minutes before dinner is ready.  No matter how hard she begs, pleads….the answer is still a resounding N-O!  That didn’t stop her from throwing herself on the floor, kicking and screaming…and the worst part – I had no sympathy for her.  It just ain’t happenin’ and THAT’S what makes me a terrible mother.



2 thoughts on “Worst mom in the world goes to….ME

  1. shannie says:

    It’s the age, I tell ya… Three is going to be far worse than two, I’m afraid… My child spent the day feeding the baby goldfish and cheetohs. Nice.

  2. That’s ok – she woke up at 6am and demanded a fruit snack. I told her that’s not a breakfast food but she pleaded “But Mommy they are my faaavvvvoooorite!”. Luckily she fell back asleep before I left the room.

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