T-Minus 6 days…

Until the big party.  And this is a very busy week for us.  So I have to haul ass and get as much done as possible today.  We turned up all of the beds yesterday and started some other things, but then we had a graduation/birthday party to go to so that cut into our afternoon.

Yesterday I found 20 or so random plants/bushes in some the beds that I dig up and replanted.  I hope they live – I am really bad at taking care of plants.  Just ask Hubby –  he had to take over plant duty for the ones in the house b/c I was always forgetting that they need water – like on a regular basis.

But for the moment, I am going to cuddle with Avery.  She is about 4 hours short of sleep – we left the party at 11pm and she was still in full force.  Must be the dozen cookies she ate (she thought I wasn’t looking and kept sneaking them)…and the candy.  God, the candy.  There was a pinata – and she started at 7am asking where her candy is.  Well-hidden was all I told her. 

I’ll post pictures of the yard when we are all done.


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