Tomorrow’s the big day

Tomorrow is Avery’s 3rd birthday!  I can’t believe it – wasn’t she just born yesterday?  Tonight we are going to get her gift.  We are getting her a little cottage for the backyard.  I found a floor model on sale at Walmart so we are using the ILs truck to get it.  We’ll have to keep Avery away from our house until after dark so she doesn’t see it. 

We are going to get her 3rd year pictures done tomorrow at Sears.  I can’t wait – she always does great at pictures!  But she needs to get a haircut today b/c her bangs are in her eyes.  

On a separate note – our little friend Ian is coming over today for awhile and we are babysitting a 6 month old baby.  This house is going to be a zoo!  I’ll post afterwards and let you know how it went!


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the big day

  1. Doesn’t it go way too fast? I bet she’ll LOVE the cottage, in fact, i still kind of want one too. Hope you survive, I mean, have fun!


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