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Our Very First Baseball Game

Yesterday afternoon we took Avery to her first Detroit Tigers game.  It was an afternoon game and the weather was HOT.  Our seats were right behind home plate.  I think we dodged about 5 pop ups and the people directly behind us even caught a ball.  I would have loved that but our natural instinct (of course) was the dive over Avery any time one came in. 

And they WON, how about that? 

We ate hot dogs, french fries and cotton candy.  We rode the “ring around” (Merry Go Round) and had 42 trips to the bathroom (sometimes I wish she was still in a pull up).   We finally had to leave during the 8th inning b/c the princess had had enough fun for one day.  She was asleep before we left the parking lot.

And to the old lady who was sitting behind us – YES MY CHILD WAS WEARING SUNSCREEN.  I hate when people do that – like I am that stupid to have my fair skinned 3 y/o out without coating her in SPF 321.  Duh.  Thanks for the commentary. 


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