Please say a little prayer for Bear

Today at 2:30, I am taking our dog to the vet.  He is 11 years old and we believe he has cancer.  Both parents and a litter mate died of cancer.  This weekend at the cabin, he slept rather than chased birds.  He has lost his appetite and we have felt lumps under his fur.  The purpose of this visit is not to put him to sleep but to at least know what is wrong.  Hubby has had him since he was 6 months old and I met Bear when he just turned 2.  When he goes, Hubby is going to be devastated.  Avery loves her “Grumpy old Bear”.  This is inevitable when you have older pets but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Here is Bear at the cabin last week –


7 thoughts on “Please say a little prayer for Bear

  1. I just got back. $300 later I know that Bear is anemic. I am waiting for the doc to call back with the rest of the test results. All of the bumps we have found are cystic and non-cancerous. I am relieved! Once we get the rest of the results we’ll probably put him on a vitamin which will help the old man out!

  2. Oh, but being anemic might mean he is bleeding internally but I’ll have to remember to ask her about that when she calls back. I was slightly distracted by Avery, who was sticking her little fingers in every cat carrier that came through the door. I was a wreck when I finally left.

  3. The vet called back last night and said there are 2 liver tests that were not so good so they sent his blood out to their lab for more testing. I should hear more today. I have no idea what this might mean…I’ll keep you posted.

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