My own little laundry confession (or What’s that smell?)

This is what people see the minute the walk into my house and look directly up the stairs….how can 3 people generate so much freaking laundry in just 3 days?????

And just a little while ago, I ventured to the basement to find the Skinny Jeans.  Huh?  What is that smell?  Monday is my laundry day, and I washed some clothes – then got sick and left a basket of wet clothes next to the washer.  Why were there wet clothes?  Because I constantly forget to take stuff out of the dryer and fold it right away (that’s for you Shannie) and I must fluff 18 times before I remember to fold it.  So, I fluffed and did the swaparoo with the stuff in the washer.  And then left it.  EW! YUCK! 

And there is my own sad little laundry confession….please don’t tell anyone!



6 thoughts on “My own little laundry confession (or What’s that smell?)

  1. Crystal Dunn says:

    No worries, we all have our moments. I have to coax my washing machine to even wash the clothes before I can dry them twice in my ancient dryer. Congrats on find them before the smell found the inside of the house. 🙂

    Loads to wash smells to get rid off.


  2. I do that ALL the time…most of the time I just leave it in the washer… then have to re-wash over and over….with 5 people in my household it just plain sucks….

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