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Afternoon Snack

I hate to do yet another post today but this deserves a space all it’s own.  This is my afternoon snack: 



Yep – broccoli and cauliflower – steamed – with spray butter and Ms. Dash.


This is what dieting has reduced me to…..

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Trip to the Pool

We packed up our lunches and towels and sumscream (yes – that’s what Avery calls it) and trekked off to the pool.  We got there slightly late – thanks to Bear vomiting all over the kitchen floor literally as we were walking out the door.


So, they checked our bags and we had to leave our coolers – water bottles only allowed in the park.  Fine – so we left our bologna and turkey sandwiches under a bush.  If someone really wanted to take them, it was ok with me b/c I wasn’t too excited about turkey lunchmeat on light bread with only mustard.  (That’s WW for you).  It was myself and 3 other moms.  They have a great fenced in kiddie area with very shallow water and lots to play with.  It was crowded but hey – it’s summer and sunny, what did I expect?


About an hour into the trip, they evacuate one of the little pools due to CONTAMINATION.  (Read:  poop in the pool)  Turns out someone pooped on the water slide.  I think I saw the mom whose child was the guilty party.   For sure he was young enough to not be potty trained BUT he did not wear a swimmy diaper.  Now I know these things are gross and kids generally hate them.  Shit, I wouldn’t want to walk around in a wet maxipad all day either – but the purpose is to KEEP THE POOP IN!!!  And prevent FLOATIES!


Everyone climbs out and we decide this is a perfect time for lunch.  Lesley (bless her heart) talked the staff into letting us bring our coolers into the park and eating at a table in the concession area, rather than sitting on the hot concrete outside.  (It was packed with all of the kids from Parks and Recs field trips who were also evicted from the pool)  I ran out of the gate to grab the lunches and by the time I got back to the table there was an annoucement – ALL 3 pools were closed for the next 12 hours due to CONTAMINATION.  Come on – are you telling me that three people pooped in all of the pools?  Our swimming day was cut way too short!  And on such a wonderful day.   Did I mention that they don’t give rainchecks for contamination issues????????  Bastards. 


Lesley and I ate our lunches and shot the breeze for over an hour.  We discussed the merits of Wentworth Miller – sigh – and she brought me up to speed on Prison Break so that I can tune in to watch this fall.  (Heck, if he has to take time away from cleaning my windows – I’d better know what he’s up to!)  The kiddos had ice cream…it was lots of fun. 


We passed through the locker room and of course all the kids (oh and me included) had to go potty.  The lifeguards (16 year old girls with their lifeguard suits on with cell phones tucked into the straps- who all looked like they stepped out of an episode of Gossip Girl) were very impatient with 2 moms and 3 small kids who were HURRYING as fast as we could.  Obviously no experience with small children there…


The two important things I learned at the pool today:

1) There are people out there that would rather risk their kid pooping in a pool and having the WHOLE place evacuated than put a swim diaper on the munchkin.

2)  After all of the stressing I did about my bathing suit – I could have worn a THONG sting bikini and looked better than some of the women there…so next time I won’t worry about it so much.


ETA:  Some pictures (no, none of me in a fat bathing suit…)

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The Great Debate

It’s about bathing suits…and which one to wear.


We are going to the local pool today with a group of moms and their munchkins.  I just poured my first cup of coffee and I am trying to decide if I should wear what I affectionately call my “fat suit”  – a bathing suit that is a couple sizes too big but there is no chance of seeing cellulite or having a muffin top – or do I dare to wear my cute little (well not so little really) suit with the boy shorts?  I do have the perfect pair of pink flip flops that go with this suit – but I am a little self conscious when I wear it.   Oh the dilema! 


I also have to pack a big bag full of stuff and figure out how to sneak in lunch for Avery (I personally will be drinking a slimfast).  I refuse to pay half the national debt for snacks while at the pool – I already got suckered in at the zoo for that!


Wish me luck!  Oh – did I mention I am down 1.5 pounds so far this week?  Whoo hoo!


ETA:  Two things – I decided on the fat suit – only because when  I put the other on – it was a little small.  I’ve never really been truly comfortable in that suit.  And I really need to clean out my clothes – there is no reason to keep clothes that are 3 sizes too big in my drawer.  No wonder I can’t find ANYTHING in my drawers or closet.  Duh!

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Beef – it’s what’s for dinner

I really don’t have much to say today – which is unusual since generally I NEVER shut up. 


Went to the gym this morning after dropping Avery at preschool.  Jumped on the elliptical with my headphones on…and this hairy old guy gets on the machine next to me.  Now I am about 15 or so minutes into my hour – and just hitting my stride.  And he wants to chat.  Hello????  What part of headphones ON suggests and I want to chit chat?  I hate to be mean but I don’t use the gym as my social outlet.  I go there to sweat my ass off, listening to loud obnoxious music and then I leave.  I am NOT a gym bunny – I don’t claim to spend 3 hours at the gym, only 20 of which are working out and the rest is spent flirting with all of the personal trainers.  Please leave me alone.


Then I came home and in a Betty Crocker moment, baked 3 loaves of Zucchini bread.  Some with nuts, some without. 


And the title – that’s because I am making beef – flank steak to be exact – and some parmesan zucchini strips for dinner.  What’s with the zucchini – a friend gave me a TON from her garden.  I need to use it or lose it. 


Other than that, I did nothing today.  Nada, zip, zilch.


But tomorrow I have to put on a bathing suit – now I am sure I will have a story or two then!


A Day At the Office…

Well, I got the call to pick her up at 3pm – seems that’s when the festivites ended.  She had a BLAST.  Breakfast with Daddy – bagels and bananas.  They had endless moon walks, bouncy slides, etc.  She went to 2 of Daddy’s meetings, and had a hot dog for lunch.


I picked her up and on the way home I asked what she did and the things she remembered most was

1) getting chocolate

2) that one of Daddy’s “friends” said a bad word during their meeting.  Hubby confirmed that this did in fact happen.


About 5 mins into the ride home , she was OUT.COLD!  Thanks Daddy for the GREAT DAY!

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Trip down memory lane

Yesterday Shannie and I were talking about being “crazy internet friends”  and she brought up our family vacation together…so I thought I would share some pictures.


Over the 4th of July, 2006 – we all drove to Gatlinburg for a little mini-vacay.  We rented a cabin in the mountains and met for the very first time.  We originally met on BBC and became great friends…

So here is our cabin…


And the hot tub – where many hours were spent after the girls went to bed – I didn’t know I was capable of consuming THAT.MUCH.BEER.

Our late night vistor – Rocky the Raccoon

Shannie, myself and both Avery’s at Dollywood.  Surprising we had a lot of fun there even though it was SO.FREAKING.HOT


Our girls – in their matching Dollywood shirts

And finally – the sign that appeared outside a Black Bear exhibit that we went to

The only picture I couldn’t find was of the freakishly tall woman on the back of the motorcycle.  Remember that?


And can someone PLEASE explain to us why there are so many PANCAKE restaurants in Gatlinburg and Piegon Forge????  That still baffles me.


ETA:  Photos from Shannie..thanks Sista!


The freakishly large woman and short man on the motorcycle.  Is there something wrong with this picture?

And a couple of us together – at Dollywood and saying Goodbye.  Boy did we both blubber – didn’t we?  I LOVE YOU!

(I used my copy of this one, I was having problems with the other – for some reason it wasn’t showing up)