Welcome back old friend

Well, my old friend the UTI is back as of last night. I thought it was a fluke but I should have gone to the doctor.  I didn’t but I now have an appointment at 10:40am to get some antibiotics.  I am chugging water like a fiend so that I can actually tinkle when I get there.  I hate peeing in a cup.  Wish me luck!


ETA: I am back from the doctor with a prescription!  Glad I went – it was a pretty serious UTI.  Just in time for our vacation.  *sigh*


7 thoughts on “Welcome back old friend

  1. GAAAAH! I am battling a UTI that will not go away. Not only that the antibiotics they give me cause the dreaded YI to go along with it.

    Heres hoping we both get some help in that department soon! LOL.

  2. Thanks! I am feeling a little better. I got some OTC pain relief meds too which is helping.

    Lacy – g/l – I hope YOU feel better soon too!

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