Life in General

Soap Opera

First of all, why is it called an opera?  They don’t sing…

I thought I would put on my old fav’s (CBS) and make myself feel better.   It didn’t help much but at least there is a little more drama (although fictional) out there that doesn’t have to do with me.   It’s funny how nothing much changes on these shows.

Oh – and Holden and Lily – just get it over with and STAY together.


3 thoughts on “Soap Opera”

  1. I use to watch soaps years ago…..don’t now that i work 9-3……kinda miss it but there again I kinda miss TV in general since Inever get to watch anymore…**sigh**..hope your soul feels better soon…it’ll get better

  2. OMG I KNOW!!! (re: Holden and Lily) I was a faithful CBS Soap watcher a few years ago. I still watch ATWT occaisonally, but GL ticks me off with their “reality cameras” or whatever they call that motion sickness. 🙂

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