I’m back…

Well, we are back from our weekend away at the “resort” up north.  HA!  I have loads of laundry to do and still – after two showers – feel like I am crawling with bugs.  I have missed you all and have lots of catching up to do.  In the meantime – here are some pictures of Avery from this weekend.


9 thoughts on “I’m back…

  1. Michelle says:

    Welcome back! I’m impressed Avery did well w/sparklers! We didn’t go there this year w/Syd and Ry! Sydney actually had a hard time w/the fireworks!

  2. well, hi Dana! Your Avery is a cutie pie. My Quinn will be 3 in November. Thanks for visiting my blog! Will be Bloglining yours…you are just a stone’s throw away from me. In fact, I work for the City of Southfield too. Oh, and my good friend lives at 13/Evergreen, so we have been frequenting Cranbrook swim club on a guest pass this summer! Whoo hooo! 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone! Still so behind – lots to catch up on. You all have been busy blogging away. Maybe someday we’ll have internet at the cabin – wait – we’d probably need electricity first. 😉

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