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Shout out to Kid Rock

I’m sorry that I will miss your concert (multiple) while you are in the hometown.  Hubby didn’t get my hint that I wanted that for my birthday.  I love you – you ROCK!  I have been listening to you since 1990 – we’re talking Yoddeling in the Valley days.  My mom never thought you would amount to much and always rolled her eyes when I would speed off in my 1984 Cavalier with Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast firmly implanted in my tape player.  But my loyality never waivered.  And today, when I was sans toddler, I had the windows down and BLASTED American Badass – singing at the top of my lungs.  YOU KICK ASS!  Thanks for being you.


5 thoughts on “Shout out to Kid Rock”

  1. Speaking of Kid Rock. My old high school sweet heart had pants that read yolddeling in the valley that a graphic store painted on. Do you know what yolddeling in the valley means. LOL….They were super cool. We use to Kid Rock always driving on Gratiot too..

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