Murphy’s Law – it just figures

My friendly monthly visitor is late – really late for me.  My doc totally blew me off when I called so I opted to talk to the nurse at the fertility clinic I was going to for treatment of my endometriosis.  I left a message early this morning and waited.  And waited.  Finally she called and told me to come in for a blood test.  When I was PG with Avery I had some issues at the beginning – namely my period the first month I was PG.  I didn’t want to mess around with peeing on a stick.  So all morning, as I am waiting for them to call me and tell me to come in, I was going to the bathroom to see if I started.  Nope.  They called and I dropped Avery at MIL’s house and ran over for the test.  While waiting for the nurse, I went into the bathroom and checked yet again.  Get my blood drawn and settle in for the 3 hour wait before they call with the results.


So I get back to my inlaws house – and guess what?  Oh, I don’t think I even need to spell it out, do I? 


I tried to call the office and tell them not to bother but they are in their morning meeting.  So I am still waiting to talk to them, for them to tell me that I am in fact NOT PG. 


Although they did agree that I wasn’t losing my mind or totally crazy for asking for the test.  That made me feel a little less freakish.




ETA – talked to the nurse – it was negative.  But I knew that.  I have an appt on Monday to talk next steps. 


3 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law – it just figures

  1. I went to see the specialist in January. I went off the pill at that time. I have had some testing done but never went much further with it after February. Thought we would try on our own for a little while. I always wonder if it was just fate that we got PG with Avery when we did…and she is meant to be our only one.

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