Funky rashes suck

Last night, while giving Avery a bath, I noticed some spots on her back – faint pink.  She isn’t running a fever and she is acting fine.  This morning I checked her back again and she said they are itchy.  I HOPE that she doesn’t have Chicken Pox.  We are going to the doctor at 11:30 – right at the time we were supposed to go to the park.  Shit is she going to be upset.


And I think I have a wart.  LLL – did your ring leader frog hop a plane and come to MI?  Cuz if he did – there will be hell to pay.


2 thoughts on “Funky rashes suck

  1. I have two warts! WTF? My neighbor told me to put duct tape on them. I’m gonna try it this weekend.
    No, The Ring Leader is still here you should of heard the bastards this morning.
    I hope she doesn’t have chicken pox!

  2. I had a planters wart on the bottom of my foot a month before our wedding. The doc froze it but told me to put duct tape on it every night. Gross as it may seem, finally the sheer stickiness of the tape pulled the core out.

    Sorry your loud ass frog is still there. Thought for sure he’d come up here.

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