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Caylee Anthony

Have you heard about this?  A 22 y/o mother has a 3 y/o that went missing 5 weeks ago.  She didn’t alert the police until a couple days ago b/c she was conducting her own investigation.


I saw her on the news today – and she showed absolutely no emotion regarding her daughter.  The family has now set up a myspace page about her.  They live in FL – please take a look at it.  It breaks my heart that someone could be so careless with another human being who is completely dependent on you.


4 thoughts on “Caylee Anthony”

  1. WHAT THE HELL??? Who in their right mind does not call the freaking authorities!! WOW, I cannot tell you how this pisses me off!!!!!!!! Foul Play maybe???? No emotion? Ok maybe she is medicated, I hate to jump to conclusions, but Holy Crap!!!!!

  2. I feel so sorry for that beautiful little two-year old — I’ve heard/watched interviews with her grandmother on the news — and — I’m trying to be polite — but they sound like they are very trashy — hard to believe such a little angel came to live with them —

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