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I’ve got my amour on

I have donned my battle suit (think Catwoman – HA) and I am off to war with the freaking cable company.  Our cable/phone/internet NEVER work and I had a service appointment last week.  AND THEY DIDN’T SHOW UP.  I called the customer service number and they said they really couldn’t do much but I should go to my local office.  So off I go – pissed off as I am.  I hate to be the person who has to deal with me!  I’ll keep you posted!


ETA:  I’m all talk – ya know that?  I got to the window and started complaining and the woman was nice so I backed off.  I walked out with a $50 credit  on my bill and a new remote (which they don’t charge for anyways) and a promise that my issues would be resolved soon.  Now, if they STILL don’t fix the problem then I am going to really be pissed.  Then they’ll get an earful…maybe.


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