Life in General


Had a pretty good GNO – went to dinner and a movie with my MIL and next door neighbor. 

Dinner was ok – nothing fabulous.  Of course I was the only one who ordered a glass of wine…??????

But the movie – Mamma Mia – was AWESOME!  I was dancing in my seat.  I have never seen the musical and didn’t know the story so I was on the edge of my seat – while the other 2 already knew what would happen.  Meryl Streep was amazing…


This morning I have major cleaning to do…we were gone ALL DAY yesterday so it was very neglected. 


As for Bear – I am going to call the vet today and see what they say about bringing him in.  He seems to be much better this morning…but he’s licking ALL over his body and has large scabs everywhere.  I am very concerned…but he has had a very good life and I just want to make sure he is comfortable…no heroic measures on his behalf.  That may sound cruel but he is 11 years old and his breed only have a life expectancy of 10-12 years.   His parents both had cancer as did several of the other dogs from their line.  Please say a little prayer for my Grumpy Old Man.


4 thoughts on “G.N.O.”

  1. Oh poor pup.

    I was wondering if that movie was going to be any good….I don’t get to the theater ever but I’ll put it on my Netflix when it comes out…

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