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Gotta love the Big “D” (Ghetto Style)

Now isn’t this just a terrific PR moment for the city of Detroit?  Anyone wanna move here?



4 thoughts on “Gotta love the Big “D” (Ghetto Style)”

  1. oh that’s nice…..we got the same thing gong on here….our sheriff just got arrested a couple of months ago for drugs and money laundering as well as 5 other officials…last year some mayors got arrested and are in jail for a long time…..gotta love our politicians…..corruption at it’s best…

  2. The worst is that can’t seem to get him out of office. There was even a stripper at a “rumored” party who conveniently met her maker when she said she’d come forward…

  3. Holy crap!…..see my city is a tad smaller than freakin Detroit ….wow… guys just need to move down here….corruption…yes….strippers meeting their maker? Um…no….at least I don’t think so…

  4. I so thought by the title you meant Dallas. Same crap happening over there within the PD (I’m in the city just to the West of that mess). I think the last was drug smuggling. Where did that happen last? DC?

    You gotta think each time you see it that the depth of what they didn’t catch him doing must be deeper than shit.

    Gotta love ’em.

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