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Huh? Are you stuck in the 80s?

After Shannie’s post about big bad 80s hair I was shocked to learn, on CNN no less, that there are professional air guitarists…and a national champion to boot.  Hello people – it’s 2008 not 1988 (which all of the pros look liked they stepped out of).  Why oh why are the 80s styles making a comeback?  Wasn’t it bad enough to live through the first time?  Next thing I know I will see teenagers pegging their jeans and wearing those god awful Bass shoes with the laces knotted instead of tied.  I could cry – seriously.  Music is one thing, but fashion?  Come on people!


And how exactly do you become a professional air guitarist?  Do you get paid for it?  If so, I want to be a pro headbanger….think I could get paid too?


4 thoughts on “Huh? Are you stuck in the 80s?”

  1. LMAO…I totally agree….great music but the worse fashion and hair disasters of the century….I went through more Aqua Net back then and bleach for my jeans that I probably caused the hole in the ozone…..

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