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A Day at the Zoo

We finally got around to renewing our zoo membership so I decided to take Avery to the zoo yesterday morning before Hubby got home.  It’s been a long time (well, 2 months) since we have been there – which might not seem so long but before that we were going 1x each week.   With the membership we have free admission and free parking.  We live so close that we would pack a lunch and just head over for a little picnic and to see a couple of animals.  Great way to spend a couple of hours.


Yesterday we got there pretty early so it wasn’t too busy…yet.  But by the time we left, it was a zoo (pun intended).   We went to the butterfly house, the bird house, saw the tigers (her favorite), and the giraffes (her favorite), the hippo (her favorite) and at last the awesome polar bear exhibit (her favorite).  In between seeing animals my usually antsy girl asked to have her picture taken, over and over.  It cracked me up.  Overall we had a good day…


It is also very nostolgic for me because some things haven’t changed since I was a little girl.  A few years ago, before we moved back to MI, they removed the elephant exhibit – I guess they couldn’t withstand the cold winters.  The elephants went on to other zoos BUT the elephant feet on the ground are still there.  Let me explain – they started a path to follow throughout the zoo – and they are big white elephant footprints.  I remember as a little girl trying to jump from one to the next.  Avery thinks that are just so cool…and they are faded and sometimes barely visable…but it’s great to be able to tell her that they were there when Mommy was little.


Now there are some things that need to be said about our zoo and it’s patrons:

1)  Deodorant – it is our friend.  No need to be afraid to use it – lots of it.

2)  Is it really necessary to have a toy cart every 100 feet?  For the sanity of us moms who WON’T buy our child everything in sight, it would be nice to cut back.

3)  White pants are SEE THROUGH, people!  Going commando under them doesn’t help – AT ALL!

4)  Why does a container of fruit punch cost $3?  Is is the red plastic train container it comes in?  And a bottle of water for $2.25?  I can buy a 35 pack at Costco for $4.50.  Crazy!!!!

5)  The lifespan of a butterfly is 10 days.  Huh?  I must have missed that in biology class. 

6)  I wonder what penguins think about while they just stand there? 


On a much sadder note – there is a vote on Tuesday (our state primary) to get more money for the zoo.  Last year it almost closed but they took the care of it from the City of Detroit and gave it back to the Zoological Society.  If it doesn’t pass – our precious zoo will close.  Keep your fingers crossed that the people in the tri-county area here vote to keep this landmark. 


Now – some pictures from the day…


This statue is by some famous artist – I don’t know who – but it too has been there as long as I can remember.


These two statues are some of the ones you can find all over the zoo. 


Yes – I got suckered into the $3 juice but we didn’t have juice boxes at home.  And she always gets a fresh baked cookie there.  It’s only $1.25 for those! 


Entrance to the Artic Ring of Life exhibit.  It’s so cool, you get walk under the water and see the polar bears swimming above you.  Unfortunately today they were all napping.


One of many junk carts.  We must have stopped at EVERY.SINGLE.ONE but amazingly she didn’t see the huge gift shop at the front of the zoo.


Believe it or not, she actually POSED for this picture.  She was such a ham.  She said, and I quote, “I’ve had a long hard day mom, I’m exhausted and need to chill out for a little while.”


And that was our day at the zoo.


ETA:  Later in the afternoon I was watering the flowers outside and Avery wanted to help.  She turned with the hose (off) and pointed right at me.  I redirected her and turned the water on.  At that same time we were talking to our neighbor, Dave, and he said “Oh Avery don’t squirt Mommy” and of course you can guess what she did.  Soaked me.  I asked her for the hose back and she gave it to me.  I promptly hosed her down too.  She didn’t think it was so funny then.  🙂


4 thoughts on “A Day at the Zoo”

  1. Can you imagine the artist that had to sculpt the bear butt’s in the fountain? How do you get a bear to pose for that?

    How does my butt look? Now? Ok, try that, how about now? ….. and now? Wait, nobody said it had to be a wet butt pose, thats different. I’ll have to squish it a little.

    Very cute, zoo’s are a great place to go…. but I got sidetracked with the sculpted bear butts. HA

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