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For the first time in my life…

I got pulled over on my way home from the store.  I sorta rolled through a stop sign.  Oops.  And then the cop started giving me a hard time since I had Avery in the car with me.  I couldn’t find my proof of insurance or registration b/c people (not myself) let Avery play with my car and wallet.  Nothing is where it’s supposed to be…so he took a better approach – told me to stop for stop signs and get the hell out of there.  I think I drove 5 MPH below the speed limit the rest of the way home. 


Oh and in the backseat Avery is telling the cop that I hit something with my car.  NO I DIDN’T!!!!  The cop says “Hey sounds like she’s ratting you out back there”.  And if she wouldn’t have been asking me Why every time I spoke a sentence, I might have been concentrating a little better on how I was driving.  As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I located both items.  Phew!


Is it too early for drink?  I am still shaking.


9 thoughts on “For the first time in my life…”

  1. OHMIGOSH…..that is too funny….well I know it shook you up but from a third party view pretty funny…..and no….it is never too early to drink my friend…it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL! You should have said that she was saying she had to pee… Then asked him if he wanted to clean up pee from your backseat…

  3. Hey=it’s after 5 now, your’e good for that drink!
    5. I had stuff like that happen- no fun, but you get through.

    Thanks fo the support with my little blonde girl- it means alot. Sometimes it makes me almost crazy, so I vent then I get notes of support from her sister and great women like you. I’m here for you too.

  4. LMAO – and i’ll tell you I drove down that same street today and I probably would’ve gotten pulled over again for lingering TOO long at each stop sign. LOL!

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