A Day At the Office…

Well, I got the call to pick her up at 3pm – seems that’s when the festivites ended.  She had a BLAST.  Breakfast with Daddy – bagels and bananas.  They had endless moon walks, bouncy slides, etc.  She went to 2 of Daddy’s meetings, and had a hot dog for lunch.


I picked her up and on the way home I asked what she did and the things she remembered most was

1) getting chocolate

2) that one of Daddy’s “friends” said a bad word during their meeting.  Hubby confirmed that this did in fact happen.


About 5 mins into the ride home , she was OUT.COLD!  Thanks Daddy for the GREAT DAY!


4 thoughts on “A Day At the Office…”

  1. I’ve been trying to leave a comment about the tatooed guy who will be a picker upper for LLL. Any way she will like it- but I keep getting a message that i already left the message. I really am in the twilight zone!

  2. Was this for a bring your daughter to work day? I wish my company did that… I bring the kids up here sometimes on the weekend with me and they have a blast – but I think its set an incorrect perspective on what they think “work” is. To them it’s cokes, hot chocolate, white boards to draw on and TV “on the big wall” (projector).

  3. Dadthedude: Hubby works at an ad agency and they had a special day for “creative services”. So it was a bring your kid to work day. They had tons of activities – she didn’t really see him work, per se. Just hung out with Daddy. We’ve been there on the weekends with him but it isn’t quite the same – she loves to draw on the dry erase boards too…once she erased a whole presentation he was working on. 😉

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