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For the second time in a week I am having a day all to myself.   Hubby called me yesterday and said he is taking Avery to work with him today – it’s Creative Services Day for Kids (he works at an ad agency).  I asked – All day?  Yep!  They just left and it starts with breakfast and there is lunch too.  Lots of activities to wear them out  entertain them.   The whole thing is themed around being “green”.


Now – I don’t anticipate her making it the ENTIRE day at his office.  After lunch is usually quiet time and she can get a little cranky.  I told him I wouldn’t go far and that if she got out of control, he could call me to come get her.   I can’t wait to hear how the day goes.


As for me, looking into my crystal ball, I foresee a really nice long workout and a trip to Starbucks in my VERY near future. 




ETA:  You should have seen the circus the two of them created when leaving.  Avery took her Princess backpack, complete with 14 changes of clothes, extra underpanties, jimmies (gym shoes) and her favorite blanket (aka Friend).  Then she took her baby Belle doll and Belle’s diaper bag complete with EVERY accessory a baby doll could need.  And Daddy insisted he take her little DVD player and she picked out 81 movies.  Not to mention she dressed herself today and I couldn’t talk her into anything else – at least she is all in pink – varying shades – but pink nonetheless. 


2 thoughts on “Decadence…”

  1. The vision of them leaving the house she made me LOL! That is so typical for us too! God forbid you forget the baby dolls clothes, or extra bag!
    Enjoy your day, MWP is jealous!!!!!

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