Afternoon Snack

I hate to do yet another post today but this deserves a space all it’s own.  This is my afternoon snack: 



Yep – broccoli and cauliflower – steamed – with spray butter and Ms. Dash.


This is what dieting has reduced me to…..


9 thoughts on “Afternoon Snack

  1. shannie says:

    Yum, LLL!^^^

    Sooo good of you! My afternoon snack is a Diet D.P…. I’m having Special K for dinner, too. This last bit of baby weight HAS.TO.COME.OFF. If I wait too much longer, I won’t get to classify it as babyweight, anymore… HA!

  2. I tried that once when Hubby and I were doing South Beach. He said to never try to make those again….but I might. Just to see if I can pass them off. Do you have a recipe??? Maybe it would be better than what I did. But I LOVE homemade masher taters so I don’t think I could convince myself that I was eating mashed taters – when my brain would know it’s cauliflower! HA!

  3. I’m still calling it baby weight from 2005. Hell, at least you had a child in the last year, sure you can call it baby weight! I know you lost it all from Avery…

  4. Just mash it up mix in some butter (Paula Dean style) and salt and pepper it up. Yum. Almost Mashed Potatoes.

    You know who Paula Dean is right? 🙂

  5. ok.. so there is this thing about google reader… even if you delete a post, if you have posted it… it still shows up in google reader…
    so I just want to ask if you are ok?? I know I dont know you IRL… but… my door is open if you wanna make a trip to OKLAHOMA!

  6. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    You could have called me- I was up- bleary eyed but I was up. Rodrigo had a bad night even though I bought him pig ears and a squeaky lamb he could pull the stuffing out of.
    I’m glad your’e ok.

  7. I missed the deleted post…. glad you’re ok…

    And I’m deeply sorry that you had to eat that…. food??? Ugh… does not look appetizing in the least…

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