New Mission In Life

I totally have a new mission in my life – to figure out a way to get my ass (sans child) to GA and then hightail it to FLORIDA!!!!!  Even if it’s only for a long weekend…I need some girlie fun!


11 thoughts on “New Mission In Life

  1. shannie says:

    You DESERVE some girlie fun. And, it’s you’re RIGHT, sister! Own that right! Isn’t he going hunting this weekend???? Doesn’t he go hunting a few times a year??? There ya go… You need to go do something for yourself too! And, I can’t think of anything better than for you to get your ass to Jawja and then we’ll head to Porchville… Git yar arse down heer!

  2. shannie says:

    And, btw, I’m now drinking the shittiest beer known to man bc I’m OUT until the Mister gets here. He needs to hurry it up.

  3. Do you ever actually read that tag thing over there –>

    It says you need a girls trip, not a gym bunny. Funny.

    And Warts and rashes welcome back. Funny too.

  4. I plan on talking to him tonight. While playing putt putt – who can say NO when there is a wife and a 3 y/o wielding golf clubs? He goes hunting 2x per year and there are multiple trips to “work on the cabin”…seriously I need a weekend in Porchville more than you know!

  5. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    If you make it to Florida-make sure you come our way. LL&L is one of the best people ever to be around. Even if you don’t want to surf- Just getting a whiff of the surfboard wax DonOctavio got me will be worth the trip. It smells SO GOOD!
    Besides, you’ll feel skinny next to me- even in your fat suit!

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