All About Me

Let’s make it…

the 102nd post, ok?  Still got nothing.  No funny.  Sorry.


6 thoughts on “Let’s make it…”

  1. I meant ever not every in my previous comment. Pretty sure you figured that out though. I hate that there is no spell check in the comment feature. Although I guess it wouldn’t have recogonized since “every” is a word. I’m worried about you! Where are you sista????

  2. I think what you need is a good funny movie to get your funny back on. Or rent a couple of Prison Break videos and I am sure Wentworth will inspire you with his fine sexy self! I saw Batman by the way and oh my goodness he is also a new favorite of mine. He is hot hot hot! Can’t wait for your next post. They truly brighten up my day and I love the get laugh I get from your sense of humor!

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