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The Detroit Mayor

is in jail – or will be soon.  What part of “don’t leave the state” don’t you get, Kwame?  Oh wait, you went to another COUNTRY????  Dumbass.


6 thoughts on “The Detroit Mayor”

  1. I was hoping he’d have to wear a bright orange jumpsuit instead of the army green one…just so he can stand out even more on TV and in the photos! My mom is addicted to the Kwame story and she told me that she’s staying up tonight just to see what Jay Leno has to say!

  2. Cristin – let’s see – he’s totally corrupt, perjured himself during a trial where he bought off some people with city money for $8 million or something like that. Then after saying in the stand that he didn’t have an affair with his top aide, a whole shitload of steamy text messages came out at the beginning of the year.

    Then – maybe a week or two ago – the state police tried to serve a warrant or subpeona to one of his corrupt cohorts, and he got into a shoving match with the police. That’s when the court revoked his bond and said he was no longer allowed to travel (his trial for the perjury and 20ish other counts is in Sept).

    So the dummy goes across the border into Canada for a “meeting” and the Windsor paper reported about it.


    Linda – yes I’m proud. NOT. The only good thing is now the governor is really working to get him out of office.

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