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Random Things – TGIF

It’s Friday!  Whoo hoo! 

I’ve been busy today and I’d like to share all of the things that made me happy today:


1)  Avery crawling into bed with me at 5am just so we could rub noses, then listening to her soft breathing as she curled up on me and went back to sleep


2)  No crying when I dropped her off at preschool this morning


3)  Grande Nonfat Toffee Nut Latte


4)  It being a nice day and not so fucking hot that I get sweat under my boobs (not that they are large…not by any means)


5)  Driving with the windows down and the radio up  (Thanks Eminem)


6)  The lyrics on Kid Rock’s latest CD – especially SO HOTT cuz that’s how I feel today  (YOU’VE GOT A BODY LIKE THE DEVIL AND YOU SMELL LIKE SEX)


7)  Wearing my skinny jeans and them being loose – and maybe my cute thong showed a little


8)  Going to Kohls, Target, the grocery store, & Walmart without an endless stream of  “i want that” and “avery come back here right now”


9)  Going to the car wash and totally doing an overhaul on the inside and outside of my filth mobile


10)  Costco trips where Avery sat in the cart and didn’t complain and now I have a full freezer


11)  Buying Avery sparkly Hello Kitty underpanties just because she will think they are COOL (her words)


12)  Knowing I am going to make a KICK ASS dinner tonight (b/c I went grocery shopping this morning)


13)  Eating a healthy lunch at subway since I am on OSB  (more to come on that when Shannie helps me put the link on my sidebar)


14)  Ice cold Diet Coke from the fountain…


That’s all, folks….


8 thoughts on “Random Things – TGIF”

  1. Okay – you are not allowed to complain about the heat!! This was the first day in about a month that the temperature wasn’t 100 degrees in Dallas.

    But I’m glad you had a great day!!

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