Life in General

Dear Kwame

What the hell are you thinking?  Do you want to spend your days in the Wayne County Jail????  Don’t you listen to the judges??


1)  You are wearing a TETHER

2)  And you can’t have contact with witnesses for your trial


Way to go with your usual antics this weekend.  What amazes me is you still have loyal supporters. 

Good luck, Dumbass!


Oh – and unless something major happens, my fellow readers, I promise I won’t keep posting about the mayor, it’s just all I hear about these days.  Idiot!


1 thought on “Dear Kwame”

  1. Hey- he’s ABOVE the law- we just keep forgetting. It’s amazing the criminals that hang on to their positions. Look at that congressman from Louisiana with 10,000.00$ in his freezer that’s still respected and revered and still in office. Another one that comes to mind is Marion Barry- if I remember correctly he was the mayor of D.C…….then once they’re out they write a book and get a bunch of publicity on their book tours not to mention a ton of money. Crime pays- you just have to figure out the right crime and learn to work the system. I guess you figured out this ticks me off too!

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