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Deal of the Century

I seriously just hit the JACKPOT…I mean I feel like I won the lotto – well, ok so that is maybe exaggerating a little bit…BUT:


Last week I went to Costco and stocked the freezer full of meat type products.  So, in an effort to be more adventerous I have decided to try some new recipes – trying for low fat but that’s not always the case.


I found one for a California Cheeseburger Pie – and it called for Velveeta.  Definitely NOT something I keep on hand but hey that’s alright.  Got in the car and went to Kroger, figuring I can get the 2% variety and save a few calories.  I had no.fucking.idea that Velveeta costs like $15 for a block (ok, again I MIGHT be exaggerating a wee bit).  So I look for the Kroger brand, to see if it only costs like $7.  Down on the bottom shelf are 16 oz packages with the sticker MANAGER’S SPECIAL and a little $.88 on there.  You read that right folks, $.88 for these things.  I figure their shelf life must be almost over, but nope – they are good until the end of the year.  So I grabbed 2.  They make for good dippy type things for parties and what not and I figure I am sure to attend at least 1 party before the end of the year. 


But WAIT – it gets better…


My little full fat (no low fat ones on sale) blocks of Nice N’ Cheesy (yes, that is what they are called) rode along the belt, ready to be scanned.  The cashier scans it – it rings up for – ARE YOU READY?????? – $.10.  TEN FREAKING CENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Had I not been late on my way to get Avery (because it took me so long to find where they keep cheese that lives on a shelf and not in the fridge section)  I am certain I would have run back to get at least 2 more.  Hell, even if I don’t use them by the end of the year, I’ll still have gotten them for $.10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shit, I might just have to risk another grocery trip with Avery later to get more.   It’s worth the pain and suffering!!!!




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