Psst – I’ll tell you a secret

I can really be a bitch sometimes.  Especially when I have raging PMS and no chocolate.


I’m just saying is all….


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shannie
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 15:05:08

    Nahhhh…. Not even then!


  2. courtney
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 16:04:32

    We are in the same boat sista! Yikes. NOT a good week for OSB that is fo’sho’. Good luck!


  3. lifeonthetailofacomet
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 16:26:40

    get something salty too


  4. Life Love and Lola
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 16:42:58

    I’m a raging bitch when I’m out of wine.


  5. Shan
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 16:29:58

    Join the club, oh wait! You did, ha ha.


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