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Pet Peeve

Here is a pet peeve of mine – suppose there is a number on my cell phone or home phone that I don’t recognize…I don’t proceed to call the number back.  Misdialing happens, folks.  All.of.the.freaking.time!  If you really were trying to reach me, you’d leave a message, right?  Right?  I was trying to call someone today from work and I misdialed…1 digit off.  And this guy thought he was so important that he called the number back – just to tell me that I had the wrong number.  No shit.  I realized it after I dialed and immediately hung up.  Thanks for wasting my time and yours…


Unless of course he gave the *wrong* number to a booty call at the bar last weekend.


4 thoughts on “Pet Peeve”

  1. Totally agree. That happens at my office all the time. Someone calls in and says that they got a call from our office. Well, there are 50 agents in my office – who the hell knows who called them. And then the caller is mad that we don’t know who called them! What the F***. If it was important then the caller would have left a message.

  2. I totally agree except for the one time some drunk ass called my number by accident at 3 in the morning and hung up when I said hello. I had been on a plane all day and was extremely tired and didn’t appreciate being woken up at 3AM. So I proceeded to call him back and chew him out…he really didn’t know what to say. I really felt like a grouchy old lady for calling him back but it sure felt damn good to yell at someone!

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