Halloween Pictures

Shannon got me in the mood for Halloween.  Right now we are trying to decide what Avery is going to be this year.  Here are some shots (2005 – 4 months old and 2006 – 15 months old)…oh and this past year she had 2 costumes.  One for indoors at Mommy’s work and one for Zoo Boo – where we go trick or treating at the Detroit Zoo and it’s usually frigid out.


WARNING:  2005 is a little subjective….it was a great idea but the hat didn’t quite come out right.





6 thoughts on “Halloween Pictures”

  1. That candy corn costume is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen… You didn’t MAKE that did you??? I’m going to try to avoid the urge to dress Dottie up as…. Well… Dorothy… she has two pairs of ruby slippers already…

  2. My MIL made the candy corn present. The hat did cause some jokes – definitely NOT PC….

    The bee costume was a hand me down and I found the wings on clearance at Gymboree. That is by far my favorite one!

    I love the idea of Dottie as Dorothy. What about Graham?

  3. She’s the cutest little KKK member I’ve ever seen! And I live in the South! (In all honesty, I’ve never seen one… That was a total joke…)

    Cristin, OMG, Mr. Hanky would be PERFECT. And, of course, Dorothy.

    Avery Eliz. (for those of you that don’t know, we distinguish b/t the two Averys by using their middle names…) wants to be “Cinderelly,” and Henry is going to be Gus, the pudgy mouse.

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