All About Me, Avery


It’s Friday – and really I’ve got nothing.  Didn’t have anything yesterday either.


Avery is at school this morning and it’s water day – and she *finally* found her flower bathing suit, so she was one happy camper.  This afternoon we are headed to Penny’s for a super sale – she needs school clothes.  I am going with my MIL.  Avery is seriously lacking in the sleep department, so it should be a good time.  HA!


I think I am going to work on her closet today.  I am going to run to Target and pick up a plastic tub (or 10) and start going through her toys.  Way too many.  I think there is stuff that just needs to be put away…not to mention my little bag lady likes to stash her treasures in bags/purses – whatever.  So at any given moment I can go into her room and find a bag with the following: 2 crayons, a shirt, a spoon and some random Happy Meal toys.  It’s time for an overhaul.


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