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Jake Ryan

Right now it’s Saturday night – Avery is sleeping, it’s storming outside and Hubby has gone out with the guys.  So I searched for some old VHS tapes and came across….


Sixteen Candles


I swear why wasn’t I the one who walked out of a church to have the cars part and have HIM standing there??? 


Life was never as cool as a teen movie staring any random members of the Brat Pack.  Other favs:


St. Elmo’s Fire – remember how OLD 22 seemed?

Breakfast Club – seriously – need I say more?

And my PERSONAL fav and I couldn’t find the tape:  Say Anything.   Really – John Cusack holding the boom box?  Does it get more romantic?  When you are 17 – probably not.


9 thoughts on “Jake Ryan”

  1. I loved all those movies as well. I took LLL to see Say Anything and John Cusack holding that boombox spoke to both of us! If I can find a picture of us esp LLL from that time I’ll post it- I have to make sure she’ll still talk to me afterward though!

  2. Have hubby get you the sound track from Say Anything…it’s got great music on in! Also remember Better Off Dead??? Two dollars…I want my two dollars! The soundtrack to that one is good also…did I ever mention I like soundtracks? That’s the one thing Stacey and I actually had in common….JK 😉

  3. I have missed your blog! I have been in Kentucky all week with inlaws. Need I say more. I too loved 16 candles. My other favorite was Girl Just Want to have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker. Yep I agree those teen movies long ago rocked big time. By the way Wentworth will be on for 2 hours in just one week. Yes the swimmer is cute but Wentworth is still sexier!

  4. Breakfast Club was on yesterday too – and it was the unedited version – so all of the swearing was in there. I hate when they air them on TV and cut all of the good stuff out.

    Next on my list to watch – St. Elmo’s Fire

  5. Oh MIGOSH!!! I love ALL of those….especially Say Anything…I ask my hubby to do the boombox thing fo rme but he won’t….and Michelle….I totally remember the 2 dollar comment in Better off Dead…..great flick…..Oh those were the days………..**sigh**….I tried to make Anya watch Stand By Me and Karate Kid the other week but ummmm….yeah….. that didn’t work out so well…

  6. The music in those movies, the best!! I could watch all of those a million times, and probably have.
    Also, Pretty in Pink!
    Jake Ryan…..John Cusack…….dreamy.

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