Long lost friend…FOUND

If you read the 103 things about me, you will know that I speak (ok, used to speak) German.  While in college, I spent a semester of my junior year in Heidelberg. Germany.  That is absolutely one of the BEST experiences of my life.  There were people from all over the country that studied with this group…and at 20 years old, I can only say it was life altering.


After getting back to life in the states, we mostly went our separate ways – although we were inseperable while abroad.  Some of us kept in touch..some didn’t.  I have a friend that I was in contact with for several years after returning but we lost touch.


Yesterday she found me on Facebook.  AMAZING!!!!  Now 14 (GASP) years later, we are emailing again.  I mean when we were in Germany there really wasn’t even email, except for the big schools.  That’s how long ago we knew each other.


So this post is for you, Maile!  I have missed you, my wonderful friend.  There is nothing like going thousands of miles away from home and finding friends among the chaos.  And we did.  I am sorry that we haven’t talked in a million years….or so it seems.  But now, when we come out to Seattle, I will be able to give you a huge HUG!!!!  And give your sweet sweet boy a big kiss too!


And it’s FATE that I was just looking at what little pictures I have from that trip (another REALLY long story about what happened to my film)…and then I hear from you.


I scanned a couple of pictures…and for some reason they came out backwards (guess I am not really all that tech savvy)…but you get the idea.  Be sure to scroll past the pictures b/c I have some memories to share…

 Our last drunken night before we all started going home.  My parents were in Germany then, but luckily they opted NOT to join us.  Probably a good thing since I think at some point there was some STREAKING involved.  Think FRANK THE TANK.  And maybe some naked men in a tree…Remember Tom being shirtless in the bar and smoking???

Those are the biggest beers ever…called THE BOOT.  And we were at The Duck – I think that’s the place I met the handsome Irishman – Oren O’Brien. 


Here are some things I really remember about the trip:

1) going to every freaking church that Goethe or Schiller visited- only more poignant when they were there together

2) endless nights of crashing at someone else’s place b/c I lived so far away

3) getting $20 and tiptoeing across the railroad tracks to the army base for a whopper and a baskin robbins ice cream

4)  being in Studihaus and seeing “those two americans” walk in – Stacy and Alan – and raiding their backpacks for Doritos

5)  going with said americans to the PX/Commissary and having a feast of pop tarts, mac n cheese and other randon junk food that you don’t think you’ll miss but you do

6)  sitting on the balcony of my dorm and playing “What would you do for a million dollars?” – and there being something about an elephant and a blow job

7)  Making S’mores for Maile’s German roommates and being the HEROs for having something so amazingly delish

8)  Failing the only class I have ever failed in my life – because it was a 5pm class and there was TOO MUCH beer drinking at that time of day to go to class.

9)  Having to say goodbye to the friends you made – the instant friendships when you are in a place unknown

10)  Wienerschnitzel – YUM


11)  The sobering walk home – with Bill and his roommate (whose name escapes my mind) b/c the freaking bus only went SO FAR


12)  Did I mention the $.75 beers at Studihaus?  Yes, a goverment subsidized bar….


I love memories!


ETA:  Crap, I forgot to mention the Heidelberg Friendship mix tape, made by Maile.  Again refer to mix tape post from a while back.


6 thoughts on “Long lost friend…FOUND

  1. How about:

    1. Hauling laundry on two busses (and a trolley?) across town to the military base
    2. All-you-can-eat day at Pizza Hut–and barbecue pizza!
    3. Stealing me my beer glasses from Studihaus (I still have them!)
    4. All the chicken mcnuggets we ate and how the German McDonalds food tasted different (better?)
    5. Me telling Stacy I’d marry Martina Navratilova just because it freaked him out
    6. Kinder eggs all the time!
    7. Gelato several times a day
    8. NOTHING being open on holidays, which seemed to occur every week
    9. Skipping class (I got more than one F)
    10. The hottest summer in Europe in 100 years!

  2. Linda says:

    That is great you were able to re-connect. Just today, a friend from college who I had lost touch with found me on Facebook. And it just made my day!!

  3. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    Wo sind ze geboren? I took german in college- i may have spelled it wrong but that’s what I remember most. I’ve never been there but my brother was born in Munchen. My little blonde girl did summer abroad and when she was in Berlin they were tooling around and came upon the American embassy. They went in and the greeter redirected them to the American consulate but the marines on duty saw them on the surveillance camera and thought they were hot so they let them in! Too cool you hooked up with your old friend!

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