The Mall

Not far from where I live, there is a very nice upscale mall.  It used to be the mall I didn’t want to go to as a kid b/c there was no toy store, no running area, no food court.  Then several (maybe 5 or so) years ago, they built another mall across the street and connected it with a skywalk over the road.  The “new” side has some upscale stores but also your garden variety mall stores.


Last night I talked hubby into going to the mall with me.  I had a thing for a free pair of undies from VS.  I took Avery and he met us there.  I haven’t been into the mall in FOREVER.  It was wonderful…shoes, makeup, clothes.  I just wandered, I must have looked like a tourist.   We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (YUM – and not good for OSB)…


Then Hubby had to leave to pick up his sunglasses.  Well, I had to get mine fixed and I dropped them off and Avery and I went walking.  That’s where the *fun* ended…


Went to Origins and then spent $2.50 on a cookie from Mrs. Fields (b/c I forgot it was next to Origins).  She rode the escalators well…that’s a plus.  But stopping to look at shoes – NIGHTMARE.  Forever 21 had a really cute shirt that I was looking at – and behind me Avery is in the window undressing the mannequins.   We had to leave – immediately.   Oh, did I mention that everyone at CPK saw my new undies b/c she pulled them out of the bag and held them up?


And she was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. 


I needed a beer after that trip.


8 thoughts on “The Mall

  1. Love CPK!!

    So funny about her undressing the mannequins….

    Graham is a totaly nightmare in the mall…. I need Ativan before I embark on that adventure…

  2. Shopping with a three year old is a pure beating. I have to have hubby for back up if I even think about it.

    CPK, so yummy. Do calories count on holiday weekends? I don’t think so……

  3. Linda says:

    CPK – that brings back Brann memories!
    At least you got your VS undies – so the mall trip wasn’t a complete loss.

  4. Michelle says:

    And to think I used to be a gold card member of VS…back in the old days when I needed the cute undies! 😉 JK You are very brave to take little miss A to the mall. Tim and I last ventured over there to see Santa and it was quite the experience with Sydney especially. By the way, the frozen CPK margherita pizza is pretty darn good (don’t know if you’ve tried it). Meijer has them on sale quite a bit.

  5. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    At least she took the clothes off the mannequins instead of herself. You are SO screwed when she’s 16!

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