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Breaks my heart…

I just saw on the evening news that police have confirmed that Caylee Anthony is dead.  I guess they were able to determine that the yuck in the trunk of her mother’s car was from this little girl’s decomposing body.


I hope she rots in hell.


6 thoughts on “Breaks my heart…”

  1. I’m so sad- I had a bad feeling about this. All the bad feelings about this won’t bring that little precious back.

  2. This women has no soul, all she thought about was herself.
    The beautiful little girl that loved and trusted her is no longer with us,she is now safe indeed. And there is no punishment severe enough for Casey. This MONSTER does not even disserve our anger. What I want to know is WHY the grandmother/mother is not in jail with her daughter! It is obvious that she hendered the investigation. I myself thinks she belongs there also.

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