That’s the sound of me falling out of my chair.  She’s eating OATMEAL!  3 years and almost 4 months is what it took to get her to try it.  AND.SHE.LIKES.IT!  Banana Bread flavored.  And she isn’t even trying to feed it to the dogs.  We’ve turned a corner…we might actually be able to add something else to our breakfast repertoire of pancakes, cinnamon toast, pancakes, OH and did I mention pancakes????  (I did try to get her to eat Nutrigrain bars by telling her that they are Avery E.’s and Henry’s favorite.  Didn’t work…)




ETA:  When asked how her breakfast was she told me “FANTASTIC” – that’s a new word.  And one I would not normally use to describe oatmeal but HELL – whatever floats your boat.  Right?  And she ate it, so I should just leave it alone!


The Simple Life

I really wish that a new package of construction paper, a pack of glitterly doo dads to glue and a new set of paints would make me as happy as it makes Avery.


She is happier that a pig in mud.

Dieting Diaries

Shout Out

I’m giving my weekly shout out to all of the wonderful women over at Operation Skinny Bitch!  Here’s to a great week!  I can’t wait to see how many pounds we’ve lost collectively.  It’s going to be impressive!


Have a great week!


ETA:  Have a great weight loss week is making me crazy.  I am about to go rollerblading.  I haven’t done that in YEARS!  Wish me luck!

ETAA:  40 minutes, 4 miles and one near wipeout later I am home with no injuries.  Yippee!

Dieting Diaries

Ouch – that’s gonna leave a mark

T Minus not very long until I leave for Hotlanta to meet up with Shannie and LLL.   I still have 5 more pounds to lose by then and let’s just say my motivation hasn’t been there.  I have been MEANING to get to the gym but things have just been crazy for us.


So after I dropped Avery at school this morning I decided to go for a walk.  I downed my energy drink, popped on my IPOD (complete with new headphones since mine are nowhere to be found and the crappy ones that come with the IPOD don’t work) and started out.  I wasn’t really sure where I was headed so I just started walking…and walking…and walking.  Then I decided to stop and see a friend of mine.   I visited for a few mintues.  I must have looked awful b/c she did offer me a ride home…but I declined.  My rear end was shrinking – I could feel it with every step – so I decided to tough it out.  I guess I hadn’t really realized how FAR from home I was…UNTIL – I walked out of her house and had serious gumby legs.  And I thought SHIT – I still have to walk all the way back home.  (I later drove the route to see just how far I had gone – 4 miles). 


It felt really good and I had forgotten how much I enjoy walking.  The weather is perfect and I have the time to do it.  So why not? 


But tomorrow it’s gonna hurt!