Got Sucked In

There might be a pun there…


I had seen these books at Barnes & Noble and thought they looked intriging but I never picked them up.  Covers of books are usually what inspire me to pick up something unknown.  But I read over on Cristin’s blog about her obsession with the Twlight series by Stephanie Meyer…and I have just been to 2 Targets to find the first one in paperback.  I refuse to go to Border’s 2 mins from my house and pay (GASP) full price.  If I didn’t want it SO BAD I’d order it used from Amazon.  But – SCHWING!!!!!  I found it…and right now I am desperately wrestling with 1) starting the book or 2) cleaning my house.  Maybe I’ll clean a little then read…


What better time than the first night of football to start a new book.  😉


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