Ok, I’ll admit it – I recorded the new 90210.  Please don’t think any less of me.  Ok – now you will probably even think less of me b/c – I WATCHED IT.   You have to understand that I was a huge 90210/Melrose fan back in the day.  And it’s kinda a homage to the Beverly Hills I live in.  NOT.


What did I think?  I deleted the show after I was done watching it and was somewhat disappointed.  Not quite what I thought it would be.  I mean, didn’t Kelly and Brandon get married at the end?  Really? 


Anyone else find it interesting that one of the guys from Melrose (Rob Estes) is on the new 90210.  Maybe he needs a new career other than lame dramas on the WB?????


So I will give it one more week and then I am done…but if it gets good then WATCH OUT!  There will be a new fan in the crowd.


11 thoughts on “90210

  1. arual1977 says:

    I too watched it and have seen every episode of the original 90210 at least once. I know… I fall into the “LAME” category. Anyway, Brandon and Kelly didn’t actually get married in the end – they decided they were not right for each other as they were fixing to walk down the aisle and called it quite in front of all their friends and family… and then had a big party at the non-reception.

    Donna is the one that got married on the very last episode.

    Told you I had seen them all…

  2. Michelle says:

    FYI…back in the day, we used to have 90210/Melrose watching parties/dinner at my parent’s house when I still lived at home…altho the new version just couldn’t suck me in!

  3. lifeonthetailofacomet says:

    Watch whatever you want and never apologize to anyone for it- if you don’t like it now don’t watch it. period.

  4. Linda says:

    I was a huge 90210 and Melrose fan, as well. I scheduled my evenings in college around it! But, the new version didn’t interest me. But that’s not to say, I don’t love some of the WB shows like Gossip Girl and Supernatural. There is still a teenager in me!

  5. Fred says:

    Michael was hilarious when he became the self-centered Michael later on. I enjoyed the scene when he came home and Sydney was crying because her mother just died or something….and Michael is like, “I’m sorry to hear that…what’s for dinner?”

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