What we’ve been up to…

We’ve been out of touch for a little while…but we have an excuse.  We’ve been VERY busy.


Last Thursday Avery had her visitation for preschool.  In true Beverly Hills (MI) fashion, she had her shades on.  Don’t want that paparazzi to get too many pics of her being rushed into preschool, ya know.


Then after school, she trashed the living room.  Nice, huh?

We are part of a babysitting co-op in our area and Sunday afternoon we hosted the 1st Annual Co-Op Olympics.  We had all of Avery’s friends over.

And she won a gold medal – but wait – all the kids got a gold medal. 😉  She was a superstar in the relay.  We also had an obstacle course, coloring station, bouncy house, limbo, bean bag toss, rocket launcher and archery.  We are a well rounded group.




 We got a big girl haircut for school.  Fabulous Darling!

And went to our first day of preschool (not daycare) without Mom.  I should be upset that she did a MAJOR happy dance but I’m over it.  She’s happy to make new friends.

And the first day of school would NOT be complete without a BRAND SPANKING NEW Dora backpack.



So what you y’all been up to?  Cuz I am exhausted!


12 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to…”

  1. That’s some group of kids. I hope you got drunk after that.

    Love her Dora backpack… Graham had the same one for summer school…his Dad was so pissed I let him get it…. got it at a yard sale for 50 cents… Graham loved it and it was only going to get trashed….

  2. LOL, Cristin! Too funny!

    Dana, glad you’ve slowed down a bit… Counting down the days til Oct… Cristin, you wanna come down, too??!?!?1

  3. Trying to hang on. Between stress of a new job, losing my Redd dog and LLL an all the freakin panties, LBG in Hawaii.
    Avery is soooooooo precious- i always look forward to hearing about her.

  4. Shannon – Those are jeans. From Penny’s – there’s a little flower on the bottom that matches the shirt.

    Shannie – I too am counting the days!

    Comet – Hang in there. 🙂

    Laura – me too!!!

    Linda – go home before Ike comes! k? Stay safe.

    Cristin – too friggin’ funny! Dora rocks, whether you are a boy or girl.

  5. Love her new preschool outfit! Missed you…glad everything is ok. Lara said the party was great and so are you! Missed the playdate today…Jenna is sick : (

  6. I’m home and safe from Ike. But I saw a lot of cars on the road in San Antonio and a lot of people bringing their boats in from the coast.

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