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I remember

…exactly where I was 7 years ago today.  We were living in Texas…just moved into our new house.  I was sitting in the drive thru at the bank – b/c they opened at 7:30am.  And listening to my favorite morning show on the radio.  And the first plane struck.  I immediately called my mom (living in MI) and she had heard too.


Then I went to work and sat in a conference room to watch.


And finally they sent us home and I stared at the TV for hours on end.  How could this happen????


My parents had a thing about celebrating 1/2 year wedding anniversaries…they always went to dinner or did something special.  Because we moved 1 month after our wedding, we had to eat the top layer of our wedding cake before leaving.  Sept 11, 2001 was our 1st half year anniverary and I had ordered a small wedding cake to surprise Hubby.  My goodness looking back this is just so insignificant compared to what happened on that day and we never did celebrate…………..and haven’t since.  I didn’t even pick up the cake. 


To all of the people out there that lost someone on that day, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


5 thoughts on “I remember”

  1. We were in Texas then too- in Austin- visiting our daughter “Sveva”- the Longhorn.We slept in- I had been up in the night because I had a nightmare. In my nightmare- there was a big room of men praying in the fashion that islamic people pray, and I remember looking out over the room having a bad feeling. It was so bizarre to wake up and put on the news to see one building on fire then a plane fly into building.
    On the way to catch our plane in Tampa- I had what I call a “vision”- really a waking dream about collapsed buildings-creepy.I remember thinking where the heck did that come from?( (My one grandmother was a pshycic- I’m not but I have had a couple of weird things like this happen)
    Now for a 9/11 story with a happier ending- my nephew in Connecticut’s best friend unfortuneately worked at the WTC and died that day. They recovered his body on New Year’s Day. His widow had a son that my nephew has been a 2nd father to-in fact i’m not sure he was born before his dad died.
    She finally made up her mind to live on. She met someone Wonderful and got married and had a few more children. Her husband is my nephew’s good friend and business partner and they are all very close and they never forget the one son’s 1st dad. My SIL tells that love story better but you get the idea.

  2. I don’t listen to the TV in the morning and I guess I was listening to a CD so I never heard the news until I got to work.

    I was thinking about being in that conference room today. I remember they sent us home because of a “bomb scare” in the building.

    I was flying today. Not my favorite thing to do on 9/11.

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