He’s back…


And believe you me, he isn’t as cute as the cartoon character.  And Hubby JUST this weekend fixed the damage from the first time.  Urgh.  Maybe he’ll stay away today since it’s pouring rain.




ETA:  I just went outside and looked at the damage.  Stupid fucking bird ate half the house…well maybe that’s a SLIGHT exaggeration but still.  Come on buddy, don’t you eat worms or bugs or something?  That’s a hell of a lot of fiber for one bird.  So get your greens and protein.  Maybe that will fill you up.

ETAA:  I called the local nursery to find out if there is a WOODPECKER repelent that we can use.  She put me on hold for 5 minutes and finally when she came back on the line, said “No there isn’t but you can buy a fake owl and mount it to the house.  It should scare him away.”  Um, yeah, cuz in addition to the woodpecker I REALLY want a fake plastic bird on my house too.  People are really going to think we are losing it…I’d rather hubby post himself outside with a .22 and do what needs to be done.  (REMEMBER:  I am an animal lover…k?  Just this morning I helped a lost dog find it’s way home…a old dog without tags…but wait, that’s another story for another day.  Today is about this god forsaken bird.)


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