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Another Tag

Cristin tagged me too (yep – I discovered it on her blog this morning) and since this is a day of reflection I am going to post this Meme too…k?  Hell, it’s my birthday – I can do what I want.


1. Where were you 10 years ago?

Getting over an ended relationship, living in my first apartment on my own and just lost my Grandpa to lung cancer.  Oh and on this particular day, celebrating my 25th birthday.  How about that? 

2. Whats on your to-do list today?

A nap, no housework whatsoever, wine drinking and dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse.

3. What if you were a Billionaire?

Avery would be set up for the rest of her life.  I would never want her to have to go into debt and be stressed out.

I’d pay all of our bills and house off – probably  not move tho.  But buy a nice place in northern MI and add an addition on here – with a big ass soaking jacuzzi tub in the master bath.

4. Name 5 places that you have lived?

Sterling Heights, MI – where I lived all of my childhood.

Heidelberg, Germany

Dallas, TX – we lived there for 4 years and had awesome friends (Hey LINDA) and hated to leave.

McAllen, TX – where Avery was born, so it will always have a special place in my heart

Beverly Hills, MI – where we are now and love it.

5. What are 3 bad habits that you have?

1. I drink too much beer.
2. I don’t always follow through on commitments (I really hate this bad trait)
3. I snore.

6. What kind of snack do I like?

Popcorn.  Especially with lots of melted butter.

7. Who will you tag next?

Let’s see – I hope they haven’t been tagged yet but if so, I am sorry! 

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