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DAHNAHNAHNAHNAH You say it’s your birthday….DAHNAHNAHNAHNAH it’s my birthday too!  (Farmer Ted in the chopped up car in Sixteen Candles comes to mind) WAIT!  Today IS my birthday and I am not afraid to shout it from the rooftop!  25 35 years ago today…I was born.  😉


Nothing special planned – we celebrated with my inlaws yesterday.  Avery called her (well, I dialed) because she wanted to know if Grammie was making me a Dora cake.  Well she had already gotten this FAB cake (pictures to come) from a bakery around the corner.  So I got a Dora balloon instead.  Tonight we are going to dinner (sans Avery)…but I don’t know where yet. 


I love it that Avery is so excited about my birthday.  Little does she know that there is only one present to open (I already did, from my inlaws) because my gift from Hubby & Avery is my plane ticket for GA in October.  But it’s sweet, and she’s already been showering me with Happy Birthday Kisses! 


So I will post pics later…but right now I am going to do what I do best – go to Starbucks and maybe pick up a newspaper too.


Have a GREAT day!


PS – Michelle – thanks for the birthday wishes on my other post!  🙂


ETA:We recently found out that a friend of ours is getting married on Valentine’s Day next year (HEY LINDA – IT’S IN AUSTIN), so I was on the phone with the hotel early to make sure we got our reservations.  After I hung up, I found that Avery had scaled the shelves in the fridge and was eating (had almost finished) the last piece of my FAB birthday cake.  Turns out she thinks it’s her birthday too.


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