All About Me, Avery

A Day in the life

Of Avery and Mommy…


Did you ever hear the phrase “The risk is worth the reward”? 


Saturday morning I got up at 6am with every intention of going to the grocery store…the one with the Starbucks in it…to get my shopping done for dinner.  I was making a crockpot meal…hence the early morning trip.  As I am tying my shoes I hear the very distinct sound of Avery coming out of her room and going into mine…looking for me.  When she doesn’t find me (because I am trying to be stealth-like getting out of the house) she bellows from the top of the stairs MOMMY.  Caught – red handed.  Damn. 


So I have to take her with me.  And she wants to walk, not ride in the cart.  So I use bribery.  And it works.  If she rides in the cart and doesn’t complain – she can get a donut from the bakery.


Which leads to my new catch-phrase “The mess is worth the reward” b/c she was AWESOME!  Do I feel guilty?  HELL NO.


Later I was having her color while I was trying to clean before company came.


Meet my new kitten, Avery. 


Believe it or not – those are supposed to be whiskers.


How much longer before you think I end up on the Funny Farm?


8 thoughts on “A Day in the life”

  1. I was was going to tell you that lately I use whatever it takes…doughnuts, chips, lots of TV…sometimes it’s the only way I get through the day! The whiskers are funny…our best is Sydney putting white A & D ointment on Ryan’s face to make him look like a clown 🙂 And the sad part is Ryan let her…the boy has to grow bigger kahunas!

  2. fun times!! love those shots!!! we tell the Diva daily “we only color on paper” mainly because she has marked everything in the house, car, school and her body!

  3. I used to say when I got old and funny, I was going to Hogwart’s, maybe I’ll spend some time at the Funny Farm- during Hogwart’s breaks.
    Can’t you bring her with you when you come? She’s sssssoooooooo cute. I’ll take her to Publix for a cookie.

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