The birthday in review

It’s the week after…a weekend long celebration.  (BTW – I meant to post this Monday…)  While a birthday is typically only 24 hours, I personally like to stretch it as long as I can.  Cuz of course it is all about me.


Saturday we had some family over and I made dinner.  I made my own dinner, you ask?  Well, it was Hubby’s uncle that came and he spent the morning wiring a new light for our back porch.  I made dinner for them.  We were going to BBQ but it was pouring rain (thanks Ike) and so I threw a roast in the crock pot.  And had a major carb fest with homemade mashed taters and fresh baked bread.  YUM! 


Then we had cake.  Yummy layers of chocolate.   Hubby had to light the candles 4 times b/c someone (who shall remain nameless) insisted on helping Mommy (now can you guess who it was) blow them out.  When the cake was facing me, it read 35 but since it was taken from behind the numbers are backwards.  No, I didn’t just celebrate my 53rd birthday.  And I look a wreck b/c I hadn’t showered and spent all morning cleaning.

*Michelle – the cake was from Pronto*


Hubby then went out with friends to watch college football (GO BIG TEN) and I went to bed.   I have to say that this was a treat…I was sleeping by oh 9pm.  Maybe even earlier.  I love going to bed early.  Hubby called me at midnight to say Happy Birthday.  I almost didn’t hear the phone I was sleeping so hard.


Yesterday was pretty uneventful.  Hubby went out to his Grandma’s to help her with the dish TV and Avery and I snuggled on the couch watching The Aristocats. 


In the spirit of my 35th birthday, I opted to Wash That Gray Right Out of My Hair.  Yep – dyed it.  (I always dye it but the roots were BAD)  I told Avery that I was going up to take a shower (read: shave my legs) and she said OK – she was busy playing with my shiny Dora balloon.  But then, as I am in the shower and enjoying some time…I hear the pitter patter of her feet and when I pulled the curtain back…that was a “nakey nakey” 3 y/o in my bathroom who promptly jumped in the shower.  Ciaos came shortly after b/c we have jets all down the wall and she got water in her eyes and I spent the next 5 minutes, dripping wet, chasing her around the house, trying to get her to put a towel to her eyes to stop the burn.  You can only imagine the sight, right?  *Wait – on second thought – DON’T imagine that sight.*


Avery went to my ILs while Hubby took me to Morton’s.  I had a Cosmo and a super yummy dinner.  And their Molten Lava Cake (that they bake to order).  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Avery ended up spending the night at their house so I had a blissfully quiet morning with my coffee and the Today show. 


It was a great birthday…and I get to enjoy my present from Hubby and Avery Oct 9-12th when I head down south to GA/FL!  I can’t wait!  Another year older and another year wiser.




8 thoughts on “The birthday in review

  1. Linda says:

    Your post is so funny. Glad you had a good birthday. You are officially getting old if you like to be in bed before 9pm. I don’t eat dinner until almost 9pm some nights! 🙂 The cake looked yummy – now I want a piece!

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