Morning All!  I woke up this morning completely refreshed…


Yesterday I:

Flipped the mattress on the bed (I don’t recommend trying to flip a king size mattress alone)

Put clean sheets on the bed

Cleaned the bedroom

Got a bunch of errands done

Took Avery to the park for an hour and a half

Put her to bed at 7:30

Baked a frozen Thai Chicken pizza

Had a glass of wine (and just one glass, folks)

Went to bed at 9pm (if there had been more episodes of House Hunters on On Demand I probably would have stayed up later)

**Linda – the one I watched was a bachelor from Addison.  He had a kick ass condo in what looked like Addison Circle.  All of the shots around there brought back memories**

I cracked a window, turned on the fan

Montana curled up tight next to me

Avery stayed in her room ALL NIGHT LONG

I should probably mention that this is a guys weekend up north, so Hubby was not home

I don’t think I moved all night long


TGIF Everyone – have a super fabulous day!


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