What can brown do for you?

I’ll tell you what brown did for me today – BROUGHT MY NEW PURSE!  I was getting ready to leave for work and all of a sudden the UPS man was walking up to the house with a big bag with the Target logo on it.  My BIL and his girlfriend gave me a Target e-gift card for my birthday so I ordered a fab new snakeskin hobo bag.  I tracked it yesterday and it wasn’t supposed to be here until next Wednesday.


I told him he made my day – and seemed unimpressed.  But COME ON you just brought me my first fashionable purse in about 3 years.  Now with my new haircut (yes, I got it chopped again and it finally looks like the Katie Holmes picture I posted 2 months ago).  I got that done yesterday…and it’s super cute. 


This is the start of a perfect weekend – I can already tell!


ETA:  I also have another (my 3rd) coupon for a free pair of panties from VS.  I am going to the mall tonight too.  Um, yeah, REALLY great weekend! 


6 thoughts on “What can brown do for you?

  1. hi there! this is gonna be a daily reader for sure! thanks for finding me so I could find you 🙂

    so, where are the pix of your new do? and the new purse?

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