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How Embarrassing

Why do preschoolers have no filter for behavior in public?  Can anyone answer that for me?


While out running errands today (and today is no exception) Avery felt it necessary to ask for a sucker in EVERY.SINGLE.STORE.  She finally lucked out and someone gave her a Lifesaver.  But I repeatedly tell her she shouldn’t ask for something and she does it over and over.


Her other “habit” is poking me in the chest and shouting BOOBIES at the top of her lungs.  And pulling on my shirt trying to see them.  I have told her over and over again that we don’t do that in public and she needs to keep her hands to herself.  But she just isn’t getting it. 


I have about a million more errands to do, but I think I will save them for when she is at school tomorrow.  I will do them in peace.


Please, I’m begging all of you, tell me that my child isn’t the only one who acts like a caveman (re: no manners) when we are out in public.  And she ONLY does it with me.  Avery listens to everyone else like a DREAM. 


*Sigh*  I have a headache.


ETA:  I think I figured it out…why she doesn’t listen to me.  She learned it from Charlie Brown.  Every adult sounds like they are talking from the bottom of a barrell and you can’t understand a word they say.  That must be what Avery thinks I sound like.  Am I reaching here?  I think I might be…


6 thoughts on “How Embarrassing”

  1. My child attacks my boobs all the time, squeezing them, sometimes even kissing them…. which child?? Not the baby. That would be Graham, the 5 year old… now THAT’s embarassing…

    feel better now???

  2. oh, seriously, my kids turn into the spawn of Satan in public. it’s mortifying – I’m much rather deal with boobie grabbing than spitting pea soup and growling. it’s as if they’re goal in lfe is to make me wish I was dead. and I don’t know what to do about it. so I just bitch blog about it

  3. Caleb is forever sticking his finger down my shirt and putting stuff in my clevage and thinks it is so funny. Not funny at all when I have to go fish it out. Or better yet when his hand get stuck. That always seems to happen when I have something else in my other hand making it hard to get his hand out. Ugh!

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